The Tools Adventure Continues

The Tools return with their latest adventure, except this time it doesn’t involve taking our clothes off and you need the tools, or some sellotape at least. On June 18th there will be a “challenge race round Sai Kung, complete a challenge, solve a clue and then on to the next challenge. Sounds easy? You will be doing it in teams of 4 in a boat you have built yourself and have to carry round with you, no water involved so it won’t need to float.

Boats can be built out of anything, cardboard, wood, carbon fibre for all we care but remember you will have to carry it with you. Prizes for: Best boat design, Best costumes, First across the line and random prizes for other stuff as we think of it

All money raised goes toward kids4kids, a HK charity that provides fun resources and activities for kids from low income households who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy themselves.

The family friendly race starts at noon and should take around an hour with ice cream at the finish line for the kids and a glass of something cold for mum and dad. 4 in a team is expandable if needed but we ask an adult be in the team. Entry fee is $500 per team

The adult version starts at 3pm and features a “modified” course with more bar stops. Entry fee is $1000 a team including 4 drink stops.

There will also be the usual amazing raffle for Catherine’s Puppies at the finishing party with everyone a winner and some cracking prizes.

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